About Us

Happy students

Our Approach

We put our customers first and empathise with every customer that comes to us and offer a service where we put ourselves in their shows. This allows us to provide the best customer support you would have ever experienced.

Our Story

We were students ourselves when we started MyAssignmentHelped and had those situations where we had so much going in our lives that we just wished we could get some help with assignments so we could deal with other issues but we couldn't find a reliable service and hence we started MyAssignmentHelped.

Meet the Team

We are a hard working time that is always beside our computers and phones to interact with you and offer you a service that leaves you 100% satisfied.

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Suzy Davis

Customer Support

Suzy is our go to person to answer all your questions when it comes to placing an order with us. She loves to chat so find the chat button on the bottom corner and say hi to Suzy

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David Parker

Vice President

David is the most experienced in the team and his job is to deal with any critical situations which needs to be resolved urgently. He loves challenges so bring it on.

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Lucy Emmerson


Lucy is the numbers person in the team. She looks after all payment related issues to make sure you have no troubles when it comes to payment.

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